How to: Girls night in

Every girl needs a girls night in with their BFFs, but why not step it up a notch and give it a little bit of glamor? I am going to show you step by step on how to pull off the most fun, relaxing girls night that you’ll remember for years to come (with some tips, duh!)

PLANNING: Planning ahead is obviously the most important step in most things in life, but especially for a girls night. Why? Because girls take forever to get ready (no secret there) and together everyone needs to figure out which days work best for them. (Tip: Don’t plan too early or everyone will forget about it. Two weeks MAX!)

THEME: If possible, plan your girls night in on the night your favorite TV show premiers, or on the season finale- those are always the best. The Bachelor season finale would be a perfect night for a girls night in! Match your house with the vibe of whatever TV show you’ll be watching. (Example: A bouquet of roses for The Bachelor, or a tower of macaroons for Gossip Girl.)

FOOD: This is where most people would stress- but you totally don’t have to! If you’re wanting to go full-out and make a meal, order ahead of time from somewhere like Blue Apron and have the girls come over and make the pre-measured food with you! This idea is super fun, easy, and unique and gives everyone a chance to try something new. Another option is to tell everyone to bring over a little tray of something- you’ll probably end up with a veggie tray, a cheese platter, a fruit bowl, and chocolate covered strawberries! (Pro tip: You can make this idea a little more fun if everyone brings over a signature dish from the TV show you’ll be watching.) Don’t forget about drinks! Buy the signature wine glasses the character always drinks out of, or in the case of The Bachelor- bubbly!

WHAT TO WEAR: The best part about a girls night in is you don’t need to dress to impress, so wear whatever you feel comfortable in! But, if you’re wanting to do something a little bit extra, dress as your favorite character! (Something as simple as their signature eye makeup is even fun.)


I hope you guys enjoy my Girls Night In ideas, tips and tricks! Let me know if you recreate any of my ideas!


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