Spring break nexessities

Spring break is finally around the corner!! I have put together a list of my spring break necessities that I know will help you have the best Spring Break yet. Whether you’re taking a trip to Cabo, or planning to read every day on the beach, these tips are guaranteed to benefit you.

The perfect bathing suit is obviously critical to having the best spring break ever! It’s basically against the law, at least where I’m from, to not be at the beach every single day during Spring Break. The perfect bathing suit is supposed to be something you’re both comfortable, and confident in. Here is my favorite bathing suit:
The Polaroid camera is making a comeback, and you need to get your hands on one! They are so fun to use, and they’re aesthetically pleasing (which is always a plus.) There are hundreds of different types of Poaroid cameras, so you will have to find which kind suits you. This is mine- it’s surprisingly really easy to use and takes the cutest photos ever. Get your polaroid accessories here.
Honestly, its inevidable that you’re going to get a sunburn this Spring Break. When your face is red and burning, apply this facemask from Lush. Along with applying aloe, this facemask is my go to when I’m feeling crispy. You can thank me later on this one.
A good book is a must for Spring Break. There’s nothing more relaxing than laying on the beach, feeling the warmth from the sand through your towl and the breeze coming off of the ocean with a good book in your hands. Here is a book I’ve read recentaly. It’s based in New York and it’s really girly- read this to get a sample.
A Yeti Cup is by far one of the most practical items on this list. If you’re skeptical about there isolation, I’m here to tell you that they really do work! Sometimes I leave mine full of ice water in my car in 90 degree heat, and when I come back hours later its STILL COLD! These are perfect for smoothies, soda, and even pina colada’s on the beach!
A floppy hat is definitely a necessity for this Spring Break. I lived by them last year, and I will again this year because I just love them! Other than the fact that their adorable, they keep the sun off your face and shoulders, and they can make any simple outfit look A1. You could honestly get a floppy hat from anywhere, but these two I have from Forever 21 are perfect!
A portable charger will honestly save your life this Spring Break! I know, this is a weird item to put on this list, but hear me out… You never know where the day is going to take you or what you’ll end up doing, so ALWAYS be prepared with a portable charger. They’re so simple to pop into your bag and when your phone is dying, just plug it in! Your friends are going to love you when you’re the only one with the charged phone and you see a perfect picture moment!


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