Best of Beauty from TJ Maxx

FACE I love these Cucumber under the eye pads! They aren't long lasting, but they do get rid of puffiness and darkness for the day (which is better than nothing.) Its honestly surprising how much of a difference this product makes. Just 15 minutes in the morning and you instantly look awake. This is a … Continue reading Best of Beauty from TJ Maxx


Achieving radiant, glowing skin

Getting radiant, glowing, acne free skin now takes less than 10 minutes, and just a few extra bucks with Vanity Planet's Ultimate Skin Spa! This facial brush contains three brush heads: A cleansing brush, exfoliating brush and a brush for sensitive skin! Basically, your entire skin care routine is taken care of.

“Fresh” Skincare – Review

Although I have tried one product from Fresh before, I never re-perchased the sample I had. Lately, I've been very eager to try out new products- mostly because of how pretty and simple the packaging is, but also because I have heard many good things from many reliable sources. As you might already know, I sent numerous … Continue reading “Fresh” Skincare – Review

Getting a tan, glowing body without going into the sun

Seems almost impossible right? Or maybe just too expensive? Wrong. I have just found the best product to make look like you've just gotten back from a cruise to the Bahamas!  All you need to do in preparation to get this glowing summer tan is make sure your body, especially your legs, are exfoliated. Once … Continue reading Getting a tan, glowing body without going into the sun

How to get free samples from companies

I emailed numerous cosmetic/skin care companies to see if I could receive any sort of free sample using this template (obviously changing it around to fit the company) : Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to say how much I love your company, your products, and obviously your aesthetic. (A friend) recently recommended to me that … Continue reading How to get free samples from companies

Sexy Mother Pucker XL Extreme-Plump Review

Every since Kylie (Jenner, obviously) started injecting her lips, everyone has been wanting to have bigger, fuller lips. But honestly, who has the money to keep up with lip injections? We need a cheaper alternative! I've always wanted to try a lip plumper, so I began searching for the best lip plumper around at a … Continue reading Sexy Mother Pucker XL Extreme-Plump Review