Getting loose, effortless curls

Getting loose, effortless curls was something I once struggled with for a while because every time I would curl my hair I would end up with baby doll/poodle curls. Luckily, my sophomore year of high school I discovered NuMe.

My “inner glow” makeup routine

Today I am going to share with you exactly how I do my face every time I wear makeup.¬†I will include how I prime my face, and what I use/how I apply my foundation, bronzer, blush, etc. I have done my makeup for years now, and I know exactly what I like. This is a … Continue reading My “inner glow” makeup routine

Must have beauty products + tips & tricks!

In the mornings before school, I like to give myself around two hours to get ready, that way I can make breakfast and relax- unfortunately, that doesn't always happen. Sometimes I over sleep so much I end up only having 30 minutes to get ready! Even on the days that I don't get the head start that I want, its essential that I use all of these products to feel prepared for my day. These are my must have beauty products: